Catelyn knew that Edmure had a soft heart; sometimes she thought his head was even softer. She loved him for it.

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Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl whose stepmother always made her stay home with the baby. And the baby was a spoiled child, and wanted everything for himself, and the young girl was practically a slave. But what no one knew is that the king of the goblins had fallen in love with the girland he had given her certain powers. So one night, when the baby had been particularly cruel to her, she called on the goblins for help! “Say your right words,” the goblins said, “and we’ll take the baby to the Goblin City. And you will be free.” But the girl knew that the king would keep the baby in his castle for ever and ever and ever, and turn it into a goblin.

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katie plays the walking dead,


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Shame (2011) dir. Steve McQueen


it’s that time of year again

the time of year when everyone’s at comic con and i’m at home crying

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the walking dead,
Days Gone Bye
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dane dehaan,so gross,

Dane Dehaan wearing a shirt with himself on it 

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1. Your skin may never be perfect, and that’s okay.

2. Life is too short not to have the underwear, the coffee, and the haircut you want.

3. Everyone (including your family, your coworkers, and your best friend) will talk about you behind your back, and you’ll talk about them too. It doesn’t mean you don’t love each other.

4. It’s okay to spend money on things that make you happy.

5. Sometimes without fault or reason, relationships deteriorate. It will happen when you’re six, it will happen when you’re sixty. That’s life.


Five things I am trying very hard to accept  (via gott-hasst-uns-alle)
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i’m with you til the end of the line.

Jeff Goldblum's laugh from Jurassic Park

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"… and to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end."

Here’s to book seven. Here’s to the years of anticipation before it and the years of discussion in its wake. Here’s to the boy who lived and how he changed everything.

And here’s to you, if you know that “the very end” isn’t happening anytime soon.

We are book eight.

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Watching game of thrones while playing game of thrones ascent and drinking out of my game of thrones mug. I am a huge tool.

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Friendly reminder that Robb died believing Theon killed his brothers, and Theon has to live on knowing his best friend died hating him ✿◕‿◕✿